Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My European Touch on Handmade Artists Shops

Monika (Drake) owns and operates a fantastic shop that primarily features her repurposed mosaic artistry.  So, I decided to feature some other things that she does well.  First is a quill and ink drawing of the gate house at a manor in Schleswig Holstein, Germany.  Monika did this drawing way back in the '70s when she lived in Germany.  I was drawn to this picture, then when I read the description, I was reminded that part of my family came from that area.  My grandfather Detlefsen's family came from Denmark and Germany across Schleswig Holstein.  Such a small world.  That was my mother's side of my ancestry.  The Rasmussen family came to the USA from Copenhagen, Denmark.  

Next, I was drawn to here only journal in the shop.  This has a pattern named Scarborough Fair, which is
from England.  My grandmother's (Detlefsen nee Atwell) family is from the Devon area in southwest England.  So I found items to remind me of my ancestry from England also.  So much to enjoy, visit My European Touch and look at all of Monika's work.  And while there, feel free to enjoy the work of the other artisans who display their work on Handmade Artists.