Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tom's Crafts -- Handmade Artists' Shop

For our blog ring this time, each blogger is selecting an artist/crafter from Handmade Artists Shops whose work intrigues us.  I found Tom's Crafts when I saw a cow mailbox offered.  Our home mailbox is similar, but is a pink pig.  I can't tell you much about Tom, his profile only states that he is passionate about woodworking, and he was born of September 20th.  Here is the cow mailbox:

I was a volunteer firefighter for seventeen years before entering Emergency Medical Services as my career.  So while browsing through Tom's shop, I really liked this fire engine:

Lastly, since we lit our Shabbos candles for the sabbeth last evening, I was intrigued by the very well designed Menorah (for Hannukah).  I am thinking about purchasing this for our celebration this year.  We have a small porcelin Menorah, and I really like this one:

These three items only illustrate the very wide variety of pieces that Tom has made and is offering in his shop on Handmade Artists -- Tom's Crafts.  Just click on the hyperlink to see all the wonderful pieces in his shop.  While visiting Tom's shop, please also feel free to visit the other great shops you will find in Handmade Artists.


  1. How adorable is this wood work, all of it. I love the Menorah too , John.
    Great write up, will visit too....

  2. I have shared Tom's shop and creations often....he does some awesome work.

  3. I've been eyeing this shop since he listed his witch candle holders & the menorah, and I adore his mailboxes & birdhouses! They're so fun!

  4. Thank you all for all the nice things you are saying. Tom and I appreciate all of them. He enjoys what he does and I am glad people like his items.

    Tom's Crafts

  5. Great post John and his wood work is wonderful. I too like the fire engine, but I have to say the Menorah is beautiful.

  6. Great pick John. Love the woodwork

  7. Really great woodworker. I really like the fire truck too! Great post John!