Monday, June 9, 2014

Handmade Artists Shops

Handmade Artists Shops is an extension of the original Handmade Artists Forum which was founded (and owned) by Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen of New Jersey.  The Kitchen's had a dream of showcasing all forms of hand made crafts and the artists that create them.  The shops are available to craftspersons/artists who work with their hands and produce unique items.  The large variety of shops and their wares are shown at 

Andrew and Kimberly have their own shops and are active in promoting all the artists and each of the shops.  Andrew works primarily in chain mail.  His shop is titled Chain Maille by MBOI.  Follow the hyperlink to see these and other works that he has produced:

Kimberly (shown second here, but not necessarily so) also runs a website devoted to promoting all hand made creations.  It is titled "It's Better Handmade."  On the Handmade Artists Shops, Kimberly is known as: Makin the Best of It.  The IBH website is not limited to only Handmade Artists Shops, it features any artist on any venue.  Likewise the Handmade Artists Forum is not limited to members of the Shops.  Follow the link to Kimberly's shop to see these and many other wonderful creations:

I would like to personally thank the Kitchens for all that they do.  And for having a venue that I have found to be honest and ethical, so they have my conficence and my shop.



  1. Nice post John, always count on you to get to the point like no other. Good job

  2. Nicely done, expressed well, what we over at are all about. Thank you....
    Thank you Kimberly and Andrew...

  3. They really are just amazing people.

  4. Really great post John. Andrew and Kimberly are really awesome.

  5. great feature! It is an awesome site.

  6. Hey John, great feature. They both do awesome work

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  8. Very nice feature John, and love the last bit about Andrew & Kimberly being honest & ethical!

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