Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Slight Change in Direction

After the sale at the Easley Farmer's Market, I remembered that several folk said that they would have purchased one of our necklaces, if we had matching earrings.  Later, I discussed this with Debora, and we decided that this would be a wonderful idea. 

So I removed all the necklaces from the online shop.  Then Debora took each necklace and with her trays of beads matched up the necklace with a set of beads that could be used to make earrings for the necklace.  As she did this she put each necklace and the beads (gem chips) into a quart baggie.  
Then I took the stack of baggies (somewhere around 80) into the shop.  I started fashioning earrings for each necklace.  I had ordered headpins and French ear wires from Rio Grande (ordered arrived in two days from when I called them) as part of selling my silver scrap to them.  Of course, about twenty of our stock of necklaces could not be mated with ear rings.

Now I have the task of taking pictures of each set, and then putting them up in our shop (https://handmadeartists.com/shop/rasmussengems).  This process is time consuming, but in the end we will have a complete group of necklace/earring sets available.  To complete this process, every time in the future that Debora designs a bead necklace, she will also do the ear rings at that time.  I will have to extend this idea to my
  lapidary and silver smithing.  When I cut stones or make a pendant, I will have to make matching earrings also.

This little diversion from out previous creative path will, I hope, make out customers happier. 

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