Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adopting a style

I have decided to make my pendants in a specific style using serrated fine silver bezel wire and then depending on the quality/species of the cabochon stone to use Sterling silver, brass or copper to mount the bezel on.  

I read an article in Art Jewelry magazine about decorating the base (obverse) side of the bezel mount.  So I have tried a couple of the pendants to have a pattern instead of just a hole for removing the stone while fitting it to the bezel.  

Here are a couple of these pendants:

Agate Cabochon on Patinated Copper backing

Heat treated agate on Sterling silver back.

 These are just a couple samples of the work going on in the shop.  Making custom items for my customers is a great thrill.  I prefer to have a commission to generating pieces for the shop.  

We have also decided to include a 20 inch Sterling silver box chain with all pendants that are made with Sterling silver.  Also a 20 inch leather cord will be included with all pendants that are made with mixed metals or brass or copper.  

Items not made for specific customers can be found at the Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry shop.

Spring has sprung, daffodils are blooming, Bradford pears are blooming, my iris are sprouting and I need to mow the yard.  What a great year.  Yesterday would have been my father's 94th birthday, Dad, I think of you every day.

See all in a while with my next posting.