Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Blog Ring Week 4his

A fantastic week for Handmade Artists blog ring, two wonderful ladies are featured this week.  Kimberly of Makin the Best of It uses
Sterling Silver Leaves
sea glass that she finds on the Jersey beach near her home.  These beautiful pieces of glass that have been rounded and textured by nature in the waves and sand are framed in Sterling silver making one of a kind pieces.  Kimberly also serves as a promoter in several web sites of all handmade artists.  She and her husband are also the administrators of our forum and shops. 
Amber Treasure
ks to Kimberly (and Andrew) for all that you do for us.
  These pieces show just a small part of her ability.  I especially am enamored by the Leaves.

Next on the list this week is April from Brooklyn Bead Goddess.   April is an artist after my own heart, she makes her own lampwork beads to put in her jewelry pieces.  I have seen an artist making lampwork beads, and the degree of
difficulty in that process is such that I would never be able to do it.  Wearing special goggles is necessary as the artist is continually working in the center of a very hot flame.  This process is so beautiful to watch, but the end product is even more so.  I have a "blue phrog" bead that I use as a decorative piece on my shop bench.  Here are a couple pieces that April has produced from
her beads.

When you visit these two shops, please look at all the artists and craftspeople who have shops at Handmade Artists.  These folk are very creative, and make fantastic items in a wide variety of genres.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

HAF Blog Ring Week Three

This week we feature two artists that are new to me.  At first, I was wondering how to present one, Ananasa.  I finally comprehended that Ananasa was a similar site to HAF, many different artists list their works, but as with our HAF, all are handmade.  Based in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), this shop has very beautiful and unique offerings.  As a jeweler, I will feature that genre.  Enjoy.

The silver bracelets show fantastic metal work with a fantastic design.  The ring is made with gold plated brass and the shank is adjustable to fit a variety of sizes.

The second shop is one of our own, Highland Princess Designs.  Describing herself as a "nerd" caught my attention, as I am a semi-typical nerd of my generation (I still have and use a slide rule).  She makes very beautiful Celtic chain and maille pieces.  She got her start in this art while at a fair and saw a belly dance.  Anyway, here are a couple pieces from her shop.  The bracelet on the right captured by eye immediately when I visited her shop.  Both illustrate quality.

As with all artists in the Handmade Artists Forum, the work is exquisite.  Please visit these and all of our wonderful artists in the Shops at Handmade Artists.