Friday, November 15, 2013

Approaching the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, we are seeing several changes in our life.  Two new grandchildren this fall: McKenna Scott was born in August, and Rowan Rasmussen two days ago.  This makes ten grandchildren, one is not with us, he is in an adoptive family.  His story is for another day.  Rowan is to the right and McKenna is to the left.  At this early age it is difficult to determine the sex of the child in a picture.  

During the coming two months, we will be traveling to Greenville County for two different craft shows.  The first will be the Saturday after Thanksgiving at the YMCA (Eastside) and the second on December 14th at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery.  We have been to Swamp Rabbit twice before and had a great time.  If anyone is in this area, please feel free to stop in and say hey.  

Elder daughter and daughter in law have birthdays in the next two weeks.  Daughter should have her present already.  I finished the jewelry piece for daughter in law this evening.  The stone is primarily olivine (peridot) with small vugs filled with quartz crystals.  I decided to use copper for the frame instead of silver.  The metal is 20 gauge square and half round half hard wire fashioned to complement the stone.

Handmade Artists Forum will be starting a blog ring featuring the holiday season; we will be participating.  Hopefully, all will enjoy our contributions to this ring.  Until next time, I remain.....

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  1. Your Grandchildren are so adorable and I love the pendant for your daughter.