Friday, October 18, 2013

My Favorite Item

Our Handmade Artist blog ring continues, this week we are featuring my favorite item from each selected artists' shop.  This is extremely difficult for me as most of the shops work in areas where I am not cognizant of the method used.  However, I just decided to go with what I really just liked the look of.  So I looked through each artists shop and "poof" selected that which popped into my head as I looked through the inventory present on the shop site.  For each artist, just click on the presentation to see the item in their shop.

Sandi of I Knit Quilt Sew has made knit boots for infants for several years, and I have been fascinated by them.  So here are my favorite boots:  

Pam of Bead Thing makes very intricate and beautiful wire wrapped pieces.  Here, I actually know a bit about the art.  This pendant features a bloodstone cabochon, and the wire work accents the stone perfectly.

 Colette works in wire also at her shop.  In this piece she showcases a briolette crystal with silver wire to make the pendant for this necklace.

Lisa at Uniqlets makes fantastic repurposed items such as this unique choker.  Pun intended.  

Debbie of Yankee Burrow designed and completed this very nice wrist cuff.  I was taken with the bone button that was incorporated into her work.  The cut out pattern of the button just fascinates me.

Last to be presented, but certainly not least, is April
from Brooklyn Goddess.  She is an exceptionally talented lamp work artist.  She makes her beads, then crafts her jewelry items.  In this case, the simplicity of the design and beads struck my fancy.

These artists have super great pieces that would be absolutely perfect to use for presents over the next couple of months in the Holiday season.  While looking at these shops, please also look at the rest of the artists who present there work through Handmade Artists.  



  1. Great post John.
    Thanks for including my necklace and I liked the pun.

  2. I really liked this post. Thanks for using one of my pieces. The item you chose from Brooklyn Goddess is absolutely stunning.

  3. Love everything you picked. Those knitted baby boots are just too cute!