Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's Blue

Bead Thing

Something very different, but blue.  A keychain made with aqua geads.  Such a unique item could only be found at Bead Thing's shop.  She has many other items, fantastic shopping for the upcoming  holiday season.


My second great artist runs the Uniglits shop at Handmade Artists.  This special artist loves to repurpose items from the past, especially those made from Bakelite.  In this piece, buttons have been stitched to an elastic cord to make a multi-sized bracelet.  I really love her items, and I usually do not care for a lot of the "steampunk" items.

Yankee Burrow Creations

Yankee Burrow features her work on the Craft Star website.  This is one of the most wonderful parts of Handmade Artists Forum, in order to participate in the forum and gain from these associations with other artists, one does not have to have a HA shop.  Debbie regularly supports all Handmade Artists, and she continues to be a leader here.  Here I have chosen another strectch bracelet.  Enjoy, I did.

Brooklyn Bead Goddess

This is a shop that I totally love to browse.  In addition to designing and making her fantastic pieces, she makes the lampwork beads in the shop also.  I do find that blue seems also to  be her favorite color as many of her pieces feature blue.  We love all that she makes, and someday I will ask her about her "Brooklyn" connection as I now she does not live there now.

Colettes Collection

Colette does fantastic wire wrapping.  I really admire her ability to design and make the pieces that she has featured in her shop.  What a great way to celebrate the holidays, give some of Colette's pieces as presents.  This bracelet is made with silver wire and sapphire beads.  What a great piece.

Thunder Rose Leather

Debbie and John from Thunder Rose started their participation in the blog ring this week.  I introduce them in this round of the ring.  They hale from the southwest, and craft many beautiful pieces with leather and beads.  The Thunder Rose shop will also make custom items for you.  All you need to do to acquire one of these great pieces is shop.

I hope everyone has a great time looking at this small presentation.  Please shop Handmade Artists for all you holiday gift giving.

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Favorite Item

Our Handmade Artist blog ring continues, this week we are featuring my favorite item from each selected artists' shop.  This is extremely difficult for me as most of the shops work in areas where I am not cognizant of the method used.  However, I just decided to go with what I really just liked the look of.  So I looked through each artists shop and "poof" selected that which popped into my head as I looked through the inventory present on the shop site.  For each artist, just click on the presentation to see the item in their shop.

Sandi of I Knit Quilt Sew has made knit boots for infants for several years, and I have been fascinated by them.  So here are my favorite boots:  

Pam of Bead Thing makes very intricate and beautiful wire wrapped pieces.  Here, I actually know a bit about the art.  This pendant features a bloodstone cabochon, and the wire work accents the stone perfectly.

 Colette works in wire also at her shop.  In this piece she showcases a briolette crystal with silver wire to make the pendant for this necklace.

Lisa at Uniqlets makes fantastic repurposed items such as this unique choker.  Pun intended.  

Debbie of Yankee Burrow designed and completed this very nice wrist cuff.  I was taken with the bone button that was incorporated into her work.  The cut out pattern of the button just fascinates me.

Last to be presented, but certainly not least, is April
from Brooklyn Goddess.  She is an exceptionally talented lamp work artist.  She makes her beads, then crafts her jewelry items.  In this case, the simplicity of the design and beads struck my fancy.

These artists have super great pieces that would be absolutely perfect to use for presents over the next couple of months in the Holiday season.  While looking at these shops, please also look at the rest of the artists who present there work through Handmade Artists.  


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Debora has decided to cease producing strung beaded jewelry.  She selected several pieces and donated them to Beth Israel synagogue and the rest are being offered at our online shop   These pieces are being offered at cost (or in some cases even less than cost) / at a price of $7.50 for each item.  We invite everyone to look over the offerings and select that which you would like.  Here are a few of the pieces:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wish I Could Do That

Handmade Artists Forum's second week of the fall Blog Ring has as its theme "Wish I Could Do That."  The featured artists are participants in the forum, three of them have shops outside of the Handmade Artists domain.  This is one of the features of Handmade Artists venue that makes it unique, you can be an active member and participant in our community and you do not have to have a shop withing the community.  This is a variation that the other venues do not allow.  Follow the imbedded link  above to reach Handmade Artists venue entrance page.  Our shops, the Forum, the HA Blog and Highlights are all available to people from the entrance page.  We are a diverse group of artists with a wide variety of genres and skills.

My first artist is Colette of Collette Collection is a wire wrapping artist.  Of the group this week, she is the most difficult for me to select as I also do wire wrapping.  However, my wish is that I could weave wire as well as she does.  Her creations are much more complicated than mine.  Most of her art is in the wire work, and she produces fantastic pieces as seen here.  This piece is made in copper wire with turquoise as the featured stone.  Absolutely fantastic work and design. 

The second artist this week is Larissa of Reef Botanicals.  Larissa is a multi-talented lady who does
many different crafts and art.  She is also a lawyer.  I am featuring her candle making ability this week.  Here again is a skill that I am totally lacking.  Many years ago (more than 50), I tried to make candles with my mother.  OOPS.....I am really good at setting things on fire, even with a water/steam boiler to melt parafin.  I would probably make a great arsonist, instead I was a firefighter.  Here is a ginger and peach combination in a set of candles for the home.  Larissa's shop is also one that is outside of Handmade Artists venue.

I should mention as we get to number three, that the order has no relevance as to ability or my opinion of the artist or their work.  Filling in the slot for number three on this hit parade is April of the Brooklyn Bead Goddess.  Here is a person after part of my own heart, she uses fire to make her lampwork beads, and then uses her beads to create jewelry art. 
For anyone outside the genre, Jewelry is wearable art.
April's creations are quite unique one of a kind items.  She features multiple shapes and colors as well as textures of the beads she uses.  Here is one of her many creations featured in her shop.

Next in the line of artists is Debbie of the Yankee Burrow Creations.  She is the last of the artists who maintain a shop outside of our venue.  Here is a person who creates with yarn and other substances to knit her way into my heart.  This pair of bears is just a perfect example of her art.  When I have tried to knit, yes, males do try this.  I found out just how difficult knitting is.  And my mother used to sit and knit while talking, watching TV, playing cards and many other activities.  Even when I concentrate, I can not knit.  My hat is off to Debbie, she makes fantastic pieces.

 Lisa at Uniqlets has mastered the world of "Steampunk."  In this genre, the artists takes pieces of watches, and other items and repurposes them into unique pieces of wearable or display art.  In this piece, Lisa features a Caterpillar tractor.  Near my home is a CAT assembly plant.  I taught a safety class for them several years ago, so that had a bit to do with my selection process in her shop.  The people who can see a design from used materials are doing something that I just can not do.  This visualization is beyond my capabilities.  Lisa does this with a beautiful end product.  Enjoy.

Pam at Bead Thing also produced a small dilemma for me, as my wife does bead work.  Since I don't, ok, here is something that I don't do.  Technically, I guess I could, but again, designing the pattern within the bead work takes too much concentration for me.  So, I really settled the matter by selecting a knitted piece that Pam produced.  Now I really know I can't do this.  As I already explained, knitting is just too complicated for me.  And to produce a beautiful piece like this scarf is.......

Last on my list this week is Monika from My European Touch.  Monika has a great background for her shop name, she lived in Europe.  She brings a great continental influence to her work.  She features reworked porcelain pitchers, platters and other food servers.  She takes the original piece and then adds additional features to emphasize the beauty of the original piece.  This platter is a great example of the art that she produces.

These are just a few of the fantastic artists and craft people that offer their work at Handmade Artists Forum.  We invite all to look through our shops, stop into the forum and add comments/posts/questions for the shops and artists.  We also have an open chat through the forum link every Thursday evening at 2030 hours Eastern US time.  Please feel free to stop in and chat with us any Thursday.  Until next week, I remain, Yours Truly, John (Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Seeing Red

Within the Handmade Artists Forum, there is a small group of folk producing a blog ring.  Each week we have a theme and seek to feature the artists pieces with that theme.  I am one of the members of the group.  Here are some items from each of the participating artists that features the color red.  Each week, the theme changes and each month the participants may also change.  This will produce a series of very interesting and unique blogs.

Bead Thing (Pam) as her title implies works in beaded pieces to illustrate her artistry.  She started beading following a heart attack, and works from her home in Daytona Beach, Florida.  She is very active in the Handmade Artists community.  Her pieces are a fantastic compilation of techniques, styles and colors.  Please visit her shop. The keychain to the right illustrates her styling very well. 

My European Touch (Monika) takes items (quite often made in porcelain) then refinishes them to create unique beautiful items.  She was born overseas and has settled well in the US.  She is in the process of moving to a new house, so she may be a little busy during this month.  I find the pieces that she has made to be of exceptional quality.  Please also visit her shop.  To the left is a well decorated picture frame.  She has some fantastic pitcher (ewer) combinations available.

My third artist this week is the organizer of the blog ring this month.  I Knit Quilt Sew (Sandi) very obviously uses her talent with thread and cloth.  She was told over many years of giving her art away that she should be
selling her creations.  In that vein, she established her Handmade Artists shop, and has never looked back to reconsider.  Her shop features a very eclectic group of artistic pieces.

Uniqlets (Lisa) art features her very unique design capabilities.  She likes to make things in the steam punk genre.  Her items feature used items from various sources.  I love how she recomposes a new piece from the old. While you are visiting her shop, look around Handmade Artists' Shops.  Like the forum where we exchange information, the Shops are the sales area.  Although all of our forum members do not have a shop in the Handmade Artists sales venue, we welcome all to our discussions and information sharing.

The last artist that I will feature this week is Yankee Burrow Creations.  Debbi and Amanda comprise the artists here and they make a wide variety of items.  Their creations range from jewelry, to home decor, to fashion.  I chose a scarf from their shop to feature here as it meets the whole idea of the theme "Seeing Red."  Please consider them whenever you are looking for a beautiful piece of wearable or display art.

Chars Creations shop only has two items listed, and although participating in the blog ring, neither item met any idea of red.  However, I include a link to the shop.  The last shop participating is Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC.  Since that is I, I will only include a link to the shop and a picture of a red zircon in Sterling silver ring that I offer.  Please visit Handmade Artists anytime you consider making a present to someone.