Monday, November 26, 2012

Handmade Artist -- Brooklyn Bead Goddess

Hello and welcome ~ My name is April. I am a glass bead maker and jewelry designer. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York gives me the style and flair unique to my jewelry. I've always been intrigued with glass. When I was young I remember seeing glass artists along the Coney Island boardwalk. I loved seeing the sparkling delicate sculptures they made. Today I am pleased to create my own glass beads and incorporate them in my jewelry designing. I use a technique called "lampworking" to make my glass beads.

I copied April's own description of her history.  I can also remember seeing the folk at Coney Island, but I was only visiting a friend who lived in Brooklyn.  Lampworking is a skill I have seen demonstrated many times, but one which I do not see myself being able to master, so lampworkers are in my awe.  After creating her own beads, April has put together many very beautiful pieces.

These four are a small sample of her work.  More can be found at the Handmade Artist's Shop -- Brooklyn Bead Goddess.  Her art will make great gifts.  While you are looking at her shop, please look around the many other venues at Handmade Artists.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Handmade Artist Feature -- Bead Thing

Pam is the artist, designer and fabricator of the wonderful variety of items she has displayed at her many different venues.  One of them is at the Handmade Made Artists Shops.  She suffered a heart attack several years ago, and at her daughter's suggestion she started crafting jewelry items.  She hails from the northeast section of Florida near Daytona Beach.  I feel that her work speaks for itself, so her is a selection:

As you can see Pam is a very talented person.  Please feel free to visit her shop; and while you are there, you can shop the other great shops at Handmade Artists.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Handmade Artists Forum

One feature of the group of sections to Handmade Artists is the forum.  Buyers and sellers can post in the forum asking questions, answering questions, displaying their works and giving opinions.  One of the very unique features in the forum is that everyone can actively interact with the site owners (Andrew and Kimberly) and with the Web Guru (Josie).  This is done with posts to the forum topics and in the "Chat" section.  Every Thursday evening (8:30 Eastern US time) anyone involved with Handmade Artists can participate in an interactive chat.  Josie attends, she is in England, so it is like 1:30 AM, but she is there with bells on.  This makes us very unique, everyone can have personal input into the design and operation of the shops.

Another feature of the forum is a provision for sending personal messages between members.  This is outside of the message system in the shops, where customers can send messages to the artist.  Forum also features a list of members, and a search function.

The forum is a place to see new items posted, interact with other members and just plain have fun posting and reading.  Anyone coming into the forum will see that the members of Handmade Artists are a great community.  We help each other.