Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lady Faith Jewelry -- Highlighted Handmade Artist

Lady Faith speaks:

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my grandmother the manager of a ladies dress shop here in West Texas brought home a bag of broken jewelry for me to play dress up. I immediately began putting all kinds of things together and using safety pins to mend the broken necklaces. So began my jewelry making career. After a few necessary slowdowns and a couple of stops, I began my career again. I believe every woman should have pretty and fun jewelry. So I have designed and made this jewelry just for that woman. Some of the pieces are entirely handmade by me and are One of a Kind. Some are vintage pieces re-purposed for wear in today’s world. Visit and enjoy with me my journey of jewelry designing and making.

She speaks frequently at her blog.

Lady Faith creates:

Mixed Metal Bracelet

Lady Faith Jewelry
Mixed Metal Necklace

Sterling Silver Hammered Bracelet

These are but a few of the uniquely beautiful pieces that Barbara has for sale in her online shop -- Lady Faith Jewelry.  She maintains high quality in all her jewelry offerings.  Her metal work is fantastic.  While you are looking at Lady Faith Jewelry, feel free to browse the other artists represented at Handmade Artists.


  1. I love that bracelet. So much to look at.

  2. Love the items you chose and as always great post.

  3. Love your choice, though any piece from her shop is wonderful!

  4. John, Another great post and lovely selection

  5. You know I love that Sterling cuff bracelet !

  6. Terrific post, and I really like the items you chose. That hammered bracelet is lovely.