Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Handmade Artists Shops' Highlights


Those of us that post "highlights" are spotlighting the work of others (and sometimes ourselves).  In the Handmade Artists Forum, there are contests that are themed and a prize is given to the highlight with the most comments.  The people putting together the highlight have a great time selecting items for sale in the shops to meet the criteria of the highlight.  Here is one that I did last year: Rings of Silver.  

Unfortunately, I can not figure out how to get the highlight to show up in my blog, so I will post several links:

It's Snowing Rainbow Colors
Christmas Colors Cousins
Festival of Lights

To see all the highlights that have been created and posted in Handmade Artists Highlights just click on the hyperlink.  This is the entry page to all highlights. 

Highlights are another way to see selections that have been selected by other members.  A great way to see what other genres have been doing.



  1. Great post John and hyperlinks to the highlights is good idea. Great work.

  2. It's a terrific way to see some awesome things!

  3. Your highlight on rings is so cool. I just love rings.

  4. Great post John


  5. Nice post about the highlights. I think links are just as important as pictures, besides with no pictures it piques the curiosity and maybe a click or two will be had!

  6. Great post John! I may end up posting links without pictures too! Kris aka reflections by lisianblue reflections

  7. Great post John! I have tried to add the highlights screenshot to my blog and it just isn't happening. I think I'll post links too.
    Have a beautiful Christmas!

  8. Great post man.. hyperlinks to the highlights is good idea. Great work..

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