Monday, October 1, 2012

I Knit Quilt and Sew Handmade Artist Shop

Sandi Levy markets her handmade crafts in her handmade artists shop I Knit, Quilt and Sew.

She has recently designed a custom "cowboy/cowgirl" boot for babies.  These knitted items are totally unique to her shop.  And they are so reasonably priced.
Now that I have shown her knitting, here is a fantastic quilt (also for the younger person in the family).

Finally, here is a sewing piece.  A rag doll for the small fry, again.
Sandi is a multi-talented creator of beautifully unique items.  She can be found other places on the internet:  her personal blog and her Google+ page.

Visit her shop, many other pieces of her very unique skill are on display to be purchased.  While at her shop, look around the Handmade Artists shops, forum and blog.  The artists who participate in this group are of many different talents.  There is something that anyone can find to their delight.


  1. thank you so much for the kind words, John. I'm with you on suggesting a tour of HandmadeArtists; it's always an adventure since you never know what you might find!

  2. Great post John! Sandi is very talented.

  3. Hello John! Very nice post! Sandi is full of talent and she is full of kindness as well. She is one of the nicest people I have met through HAF!