Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Brooklyn Bead Goddess -- Handmade Artist of the Week

My name is April (BrooklynBeadGoddess). I am a glass bead maker and jewelry designer. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York gives me the style and flair unique to my jewelry. I've always been intrigued with glass. When I was young I remember seeing glass artists along the Coney Island boardwalk. I loved seeing the sparkling delicate sculptures they made. Today I am pleased create my own glass beads and incorporate them in my jewelry designing. I use a technique called "lampworking" to make my glass beads.

Lampwork is used to describe handcrafted glass beads that are made by melting glass rods with a torch. The word "lamp" was used in ancient times when the glass was melted with the flame of an oil lamp. Today the craft is also called "flameworking".
Each glass bead is individually hand crafted by heating a glass rod in the flame of an oxygen and natural gas mixed gas torch. The hot glass is melted and applied to a steel rod. I'm open to whatever glass I can experiment with. Lately I'm using German Lauscha, Italian glass Effetre/Moretti, Vetrofond and Creation is Messy. I enjoy learning from and making friends with other artists. Being involved in the art world has always been my passion.
Making glass beads takes time and patience. Mostly it takes practice, practice and more practice. That's what keeps me focused. There is always something new to learn.

I hope my work brings as much joy to you as it does for me.

 Alice's work is so terrific.  I copied her biography from her shop profile as I could not tell the story better.  Lampwork is so difficult for me to even think about.  I have seen a lamp worker craft beads, and it is so fantastic to see the process.  While you visit her shop, please feel free to look at the other handmade artists shops.  Much more than just jewelry is offered at Handmade Artists.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thunder Rose -- Featured Handmade Artists

Debbie and John of Thunder Rose have been creating beaded leather goods for over 20 years.  Their work is so terrific that it speaks for itself.  In addition to their own website, they also have a shop with Handmade Artists.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will show you their art:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Handmade Artists Shop -- Yankee Burrow Creations


Debbi grew up the youngest of 10 kids.  Her mom (nana) was a free flying artist spirit of the 60's and 70's.  She loved art and her family.  She has so many memories of warm summer days spent in any and all art shows within a 100 mile radius of our home in Tonawanda, New York.  My favorite show was the Allentown Art Festival in Buffalo, New York.  My dream is to one day participate in the show myself.  She now lives in North Carolina with her best friend and husband, Chuck, her daughter Hannah, foster children, and misc animals. 

Amanda is the other half of YankeeBurrowCreations.  She found her latest passion in yarn!  Crocheting like a mad woman, always with a hook in her hand, lol.  But she has a great talent for fine arts, and if I nag her enough, maybe she will share it with you.  She just finished her masters degree in Graphic Design, and makes all the banners you see on their shop. 

Together, they have a great fashion sense, and make some of the most wonderful  art.   Yankee Burrow Creations can be found here.

Their WORK:  From top to bottom, a hand quilted bedspread, a turquoise necklace, and a beautiful fall wreath.  These selections show the fantastic variety of pieces in their shop.

Please visit Yankee Burrow Creations, and while there, feel free to window shop the other handmade artists.

Monday, October 1, 2012

I Knit Quilt and Sew Handmade Artist Shop

Sandi Levy markets her handmade crafts in her handmade artists shop I Knit, Quilt and Sew.

She has recently designed a custom "cowboy/cowgirl" boot for babies.  These knitted items are totally unique to her shop.  And they are so reasonably priced.
Now that I have shown her knitting, here is a fantastic quilt (also for the younger person in the family).

Finally, here is a sewing piece.  A rag doll for the small fry, again.
Sandi is a multi-talented creator of beautifully unique items.  She can be found other places on the internet:  her personal blog and her Google+ page.

Visit her shop, many other pieces of her very unique skill are on display to be purchased.  While at her shop, look around the Handmade Artists shops, forum and blog.  The artists who participate in this group are of many different talents.  There is something that anyone can find to their delight.