Monday, July 30, 2012

Working with the Olympics

Every four years, I am in sports fan heaven.  The Olympic Games occur.  This year the media coverage (especially television) is fantastic.  A lot of the "smaller" sports are being featured.  The games also give me a time to use my hands and watch sports at the same time.  So, jewelry creation occurs also.  A couple nights ago, I just took a pile of 6 mm jump rings and started a Byzantine chain and ended up with a bracelet:

I then looked at a cone shaped cabochon that I cut a couple years ago and have been terribly frustrated in trying to figure out what to do with it.  Inspiration occurred with the fantastic USA win in shotgun shooting.  I put a brass cone with a head pin on the apex of the cone and coiled the head pin into the bail for a pendant:

Tonight, I cut a rutile agate cabochon in a freeform style and drilled the end, put on a gunmetal bail and strung the pendant from black leather to make another necklace:

Still have twelve more days until the Marathon race is held and the Games end.  I'll have to see what my imagination dreams up.

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