Monday, July 2, 2012

Handmade Artists Forum Artist of the Week

Petra Monaco produces a wonderful collection of crocheted pieces of art in a shop called "Hippies Creations."  She is a well rounded person, with college education in two different areas finally achieving a Masters degree.  Her development as a crafter is tied to her development as a person.  She has written an autobiographical novel entitled: "Betrayal: The Journey: ...Childhood Memories and the Adult Awakening.  This was published about three years ago (August 2009) and is currently still available.  Now to look at some of her pieces of crocheted art:  Cup/Glass/Can Cozies that help insulate the drink:
This wonderfully stylish pocketbook can go with almost any wardrobe item.

We can also see another wearable item in this "summer beanie:"  However, my absolute favorite is a blue frog (well blue green, aqua).  Petra does her art as "Hippies Creations," but I claim a title within the original "hippy" culture.  I am the Big Blue Phrog that Peter, Paul and Mary sang about.

Visit Hippies Creations to see her work.


  1. Oh My … Love That Frog! Hippies Creations is great crochet fun! Excellent article John! Thank You!

  2. Really nice post John! She has really pretty items! Love your choices....

  3. another great HA shop....I love her baby booties.