Monday, July 30, 2012

Working with the Olympics

Every four years, I am in sports fan heaven.  The Olympic Games occur.  This year the media coverage (especially television) is fantastic.  A lot of the "smaller" sports are being featured.  The games also give me a time to use my hands and watch sports at the same time.  So, jewelry creation occurs also.  A couple nights ago, I just took a pile of 6 mm jump rings and started a Byzantine chain and ended up with a bracelet:

I then looked at a cone shaped cabochon that I cut a couple years ago and have been terribly frustrated in trying to figure out what to do with it.  Inspiration occurred with the fantastic USA win in shotgun shooting.  I put a brass cone with a head pin on the apex of the cone and coiled the head pin into the bail for a pendant:

Tonight, I cut a rutile agate cabochon in a freeform style and drilled the end, put on a gunmetal bail and strung the pendant from black leather to make another necklace:

Still have twelve more days until the Marathon race is held and the Games end.  I'll have to see what my imagination dreams up.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thunder Rose Leather (HA Shop of the Week)

Here are Debbie and John Rogers from the high desert of Arizona.  One of my favorite locations in the world is just north of their home, the Grand Canyon.  They design and fabricate beautiful leather beaded items with a southwestern theme.  They have been making their leather items for the last 20 years.  

To the left is a fantastic beaded flower (rose) with a braided leather frame.  This is one of many great items that can be found in their Thunder Rose Shop at Handmade Artists. 

Medicine bags that accent the native American heritage of the area are also offered.  These beautiful bags are also illustrative the quality of their work.

Additionally, bags and baby moccasins are available at the Handmade Artists shop and their own online Thunder Rose Shop.

I am in awe of the artistry shown in these wonderful creations.    The creations show here are just a small sample of the art available at their shops.  

Years ago, I worked on a ranch in New Mexico and fell in love with the southwest of the United States.  While there, I took a few days off and hiked from the rim to the river of the Grand Canyon.  The region that inspires Debbie and John Rogers is fantastically beautiful, so is their art.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ruby Pendant

A couple years ago while on vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Debora and I went to the Pigeon Forge Gem Mine on the Parkway.  We like to go to this fee mine, as they actually know what the gemstones in the buckets are.  We have found several very good pieces of rough that can be cut into faceted and cabochon stones.  This ruby pendant was fashioned from a crystal that we mined.  The crystal was hexagonal, I cut two slabs across the horizontal plane and then cabbed them in my lapidary.  This stone measures 25 mm across from side to side and weighs a little over 80 carats.  This is one of the favorite vacation spots for us.

This pendant was made with 22 gauge square half hard Sterling Silver with with bindings made of 21 gauge half round half hard Sterling Silver wire.  This and other pieces of jewelry are available at Rasmussen Gems on Handmade Artists.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cari Bakers Crocheted Art

Cari Baker has a shop called CrochetHooked where she sells many different items, but my favorite are her branded "Braidlets."  She learned to crochet several years, and has expanded her expertise since then.  Supported with a wink and a grin by her husband, John, she continues to make fantastic art.  My granddaughter received one of the Braidlets for her high school graduation this year.  So one of Cari's creations will be on display at the University of Florida next year.  Cari has many internet venues including Pinterest, Website, and Handmade Artists.  She has created an instruction manual on how to make your own Braidlet.

Look and enjoy her art, she is exceptionally talented.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Handmade Artists Forum Artist of the Week

Petra Monaco produces a wonderful collection of crocheted pieces of art in a shop called "Hippies Creations."  She is a well rounded person, with college education in two different areas finally achieving a Masters degree.  Her development as a crafter is tied to her development as a person.  She has written an autobiographical novel entitled: "Betrayal: The Journey: ...Childhood Memories and the Adult Awakening.  This was published about three years ago (August 2009) and is currently still available.  Now to look at some of her pieces of crocheted art:  Cup/Glass/Can Cozies that help insulate the drink:
This wonderfully stylish pocketbook can go with almost any wardrobe item.

We can also see another wearable item in this "summer beanie:"  However, my absolute favorite is a blue frog (well blue green, aqua).  Petra does her art as "Hippies Creations," but I claim a title within the original "hippy" culture.  I am the Big Blue Phrog that Peter, Paul and Mary sang about.

Visit Hippies Creations to see her work.