Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tiger Paw Ring

Here in town, there is a lady who resells jewelry made primarily in Asia, who asked me to design and make a ring that would resemble the tiger paw emblem used by Clemson University.  Clemson usually has a paw with white on an orange background.  Finding an orange metal would be nigh on impossible, so instead, I chose to use orange stones on white metal.

The orange stones are laboratory created sapphires and the metal is Sterling silver.  As the paw pad, I use a 7 mm trillion stone and the four toes are 6 x 4 mm oval stones.  I made her the first in size 7 which fits on her finger. She has already received an order for another one.  Hopefully, several folk will like the design and fabrication that I do and order some more. 

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