Thursday, April 26, 2012

Conception Necklace

April is coming to an end, and I will be at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery Spring Sale on Saturday the 28th.  This was first held in the fall last year and is planned as a twice a year event.  There were four jewelry artists showing/selling last year and I had a good day.  It is a six hour event on one day.  Hope that this one is a productive as the one in the Fall.

During this month, I planned a pendant and necklace that would use cold connections and multiple metals.  I took sheet aluminum and cut a rectangular shape.  Added copper and brass strips stamped with X and Y respectively.  These strips were 0.5 cm wide and attached to the aluminum base with Sterling Silver tubular rivets.  Straight lines were stamped into the base and the metal work was burnished in the tumbler for one hour.  The seats were cut in the base for the round colored gems.  One each of blue Topaz, yellow Citrine, and green Peridot were flush mounted into the seats.  This produced this very unique pendant.  The 22 inch necklace is made with black plastic coated stranded copper wire, with a toggle clasp in pewter attached to the back.  A lot of fun to make.



  1. Cool pendant John. Hope you had a great time yesterday. Swamp Rabbit Cafe - Just the name makes me want to go there! lol

  2. Was an interesting day .. much. Traffic few sales. Thanks.

  3. Love this piece John, it has very nice lines and texture.