Friday, March 2, 2012

Handmade Artists Shop -- Our Home To Yours

Debbi and Amanda combine to display their crafts and work around several happy obstacles to do so.  Debbie is mom and grandmother (3 year old grandson).  She is the homemaker for the children and husband.  Amanda works in a commercial photography studio (based in Walmart) full time.  Amanda is educated in graphic design, and so produces all the graphics seen in the shop.  Oh yeah, they have a handmade artist shop.  This shop has several different genres of wearable art. Being a jeweler, I will concentrate on displaying three pieces of wire and bead jewelry that they have created.

First is a beautiful necklace featuring a "blood red heart" choker.  This necklace is crafted from pewter colored wire findings and red crystal beads.  The combination of shape and color are exquisite.
My second selection from the shop is a pair of ear rings made with bright blue crystal beads.  The shape and color of this selection make the entire presentation:
I am especially intrigued with the twisted wire in the ear wires.  Lastly is the best piece of this presentation, a double strand necklace showing great design and execution.  
 Do please, visit their shop, you will find a great variety of items at fantastic prices.


  1. Beautiful picks! I love the blue color of those earrings!

  2. John, Great to see you! Excellent post about a creative pair… Debbi and Amanda!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post. And I think the pixels of the picture are partying, the earring hooks are normal in real life. lol

  4. Very nice post!They have a great shop!