Thursday, February 9, 2012

HAShop of the Week -- Makin The Best Of It

Introducing Kimberly Kitchen, the artist behind Handmade Artist Shop -- "Makin the Best of It."  Kimberly specializes in devising her wearable art from "Sea Glass."  Sea glass is a specialty item formed from "trash" glass that was thrown into the sea over the years.  This glass has been rounded and polished in a matte finish from weathering naturally in the sea water and sand in the tidal wash on the ocean coast.

Above are two very beautiful sea glass pendants wrapped in Sterling Silver wire.  The Sterling color accents the glass elegantly.

In addition to her beautiful creations, she is also one half of the administrative team that manages the Handmade Artists Forum and Shops.  Kimberly and her husband are the creative geniuses behind our online shopping mall.  All of us shop owners are very grateful for their tireless promotion of all things handmade.  The Handmade Artist Shops portray a wide variety of products that are unique and usually one of a kind.  Thank you Kimberly (and Andrew) for all that you do.


  1. Beautifully put, John. Kimberly and Andrew are so wonderful on so many levels. Great post!

  2. She really is so talented and dedicated, great post!

  3. Kimberly and I are always joking about the fact that we can actually sell sea trash! LOL
    Thanks for the love John,

  4. They are a great team and she is super talented at everything she tries! :)

  5. John... Great Post my Friend! I read all about Sea Glass! Although, I didn't think of it the way you described - "Sea glass is a specialty item formed from "trash" glass that was thrown into the sea over the years" ( LOL ) Such a talented, inspiring handmade artist... Kimberly!