Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reef Botanicals Handmade Artisans

Larissa and Eric make very unique products.  I am completely intrigued by the names for their soaps and other personal items.  I selected three terrific (my favorite) flavors to feature here.  First is a "Peppermint" soap fashioned into foot rounds.  I grew up loving when we would go to a Howard Johnson's restaurant so I could get some peppermint stick ice cream.  So here is that one:

 Next was my current favorite ice cream flavor Chocolate Chip Mint.  The idea of a soap with this as the feature name just got my fancy:

Last is not really a flavor, but a memory "Mashed in Beer."  While in college I was in charge of the "Crow Social Club."  This translated to I was the barmaster.  We did cocktail parties, and in the fraternity house kept the refrigerator in the basement stocked with beer.  All perfectly legal as the drinking age in New York State in the mid 60's was 18 and no brother in the chapter was under 18.  So I also give you

You can click here to get to Reef Botanicals shop at Handmade Artists Shops.



  1. I love their products! Nothing like some good natural, handcrafted products

  2. Terrific article John about Reef Botanicals… natural ingredients and all handmade!

  3. Great post! I love all the 'flavors' they come up with!

  4. Wonderful picks! I love her names and her product!

    1. Love your picks,and yes they come up with great names!

  5. Thanks so much, you picked some of my favorites too!

  6. I've used many of Larissa's products personally and I love them. Their in the shower right now! :D

  7. They do have a real knack for choosing the names for their products!