Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Handmade Artist Sandi Levy

Sandi Levy (from Utah) crafts her art in thread and yarn.  She produces fantastic pieces for practical use.  And one of the practical uses for anything is "for pretty."  She markets her art in Handmade Artists Shops under the name Iknitquiltsew.  She was taught sewing by her gradmother and uses patterns dating from the mid 1800s.  I am totally fascinated by her ability to make her art.  This is of course something that I would never try again.  Above is a beautiful quilt that can be used as a lap blanket (I think of the horse drawn sleigh when I think of lap blankets).  Another piece is the blue flower head band to the left.  And my final piece that I am featuring from Sandi:

This is a rag doll; and it makes a great present for children, and even some adults.



  1. Thank you for this wonderful post, John! I'm so incredibly flattered!

  2. Great article John... Sandi is so talented! Love her handmade Rag Dolls!

  3. I love her quilts, they are beautiful! Great post!

  4. Nice post John!I love visiting her shop so many beautiful items it's really hard to choose a favorite.