Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love Metalwork

Y'all will have to excuse at least one part of my aging process.  I type and read large fonts.  Even with my trifocals on, I have a lot of trouble reading small print.  Currently working another of the beryl cabochons I cut two weeks ago (9 total).  This is 45 carats in a tear drop shape, although free form.  Nothing greater than taking that which Nature made and making it prettier.  Here is a copper bracelet that I made this last week from 12 gauge electrical wire.  Three wires were woven together then flattened on the anvil to harden and shape the wires into the thickness I wanted the entire bracelet to be.  The ends were curled back upon them selves and the result is this cuff bracelet:

This and other items are available to my Handmade Artists Shop.