Friday, November 25, 2011

Future Jewelry

In order to create my art, I first cut the stone that will go in the piece, then design around that.  Here are two stones cut in the lapidary in the past week.  The first is a piece of Lapis Lazuli about 2.5 inches long and it is very heavy.  Will probably use it in a horizontal position in a necklace.  Way too large for a ring. :-)

Lapis Lazuli

The second is a free form cabochon made with "Pudding" jasper.  Feel free to change the adjective 'Pudding' to anything that you think describes the stone.

Pudding Jasper

I will wait, but am currently working on a mixed metal pendant (gold and silver) with a highly included rutilated quartz 16 mm round faceted stone.  Another project is a ring to ask Debbie to marry me "again" next October on our anniversary. A friend is cutting this as I certainly can not do it in my shop.  Any way, that is the news so far for the day after Thanksgiving.



  1. That pieces of Lapis is stunning! Can't wait to see what you end up with!