Monday, November 14, 2011

Amazonite and Sterling silver Pendant

I write large because I have difficulty seeing small print.  Fortunately, my trifocals usually take care of most written materials.  About two years ago, Debbie and I did some fee mining in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  I have a large selection of rough to cut to make faceted and cabochon stones.  Cabochons are my favorite, and the type that I have the most rough.  Taking a piece of amazonite rough from that mining expedition, I cut an oval cabochon.  Originally I made a copper wire frame with white beads to surround the stone.  This did not look good, the beads overpowered the color of the amazonite.

Amazonite and Sterling Silver Pendant Handcrafted by John Atwell Rasmussen

So, I started over tonight and made a frame from Sterling silver wire.  Even with this one, I tried to surround the stone with some white beads.  Again, the beads spoiled the beauty of the cabochon.  Amazonite is  beautiful stone and makes fantastic wearable art.  This pendant has one accent bead near the top of the cabochon.  All wire ends were rounded with a cup bur to help prevent snagging on clothing (or skin).  This piece of unique one of a kind jewelry is available at my Handmade Artists Shop.


  1. JJohn, where in Pigeon Forge did you go mining? I went a little east in N.C. and went to one of the shops that have the set ups where you get a bucket of rocks and wash them and we found some beautiful stones. As soon as I get the rest of my equipment I hope to start cutting and polishing my own cabs to bead and wrap. If you have any tips, hints or books to recommend to a beginner I'm open to any and all suggestions.

  2. jagfan,

    We went to Pigeon Forge Gem Mine (fee bucket site), have been there several times. Debbie is in wheelchair and it is very chair friendly. Contact me off blog and I will be happy to give you assistance and references.