Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Handmade Artists Shop of the Week

Tammy's Jewelry is special in that Tammy has been the person in the background for this for this series of blog posts about various artists with shops at Handmade Artists.

Tammy loves experimenting with the various textures and colors involved in the making of wearable art.  She uses multiple methods of expressing her thoughts and passion.  Adding this to the rest of the trials and tribulations through 25 years of marriage and two daughters makes her jewelry even more beautiful.

These combinations can be easily seen in the above necklace. The combination of color, texture and material is masterfully done.  The next piece while looking simple, is simple and that is its elegance.

Follow the link to her shop.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Future Jewelry

In order to create my art, I first cut the stone that will go in the piece, then design around that.  Here are two stones cut in the lapidary in the past week.  The first is a piece of Lapis Lazuli about 2.5 inches long and it is very heavy.  Will probably use it in a horizontal position in a necklace.  Way too large for a ring. :-)

Lapis Lazuli

The second is a free form cabochon made with "Pudding" jasper.  Feel free to change the adjective 'Pudding' to anything that you think describes the stone.

Pudding Jasper

I will wait, but am currently working on a mixed metal pendant (gold and silver) with a highly included rutilated quartz 16 mm round faceted stone.  Another project is a ring to ask Debbie to marry me "again" next October on our anniversary. A friend is cutting this as I certainly can not do it in my shop.  Any way, that is the news so far for the day after Thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shop Creativity

As with many places, Debora and I tend to work in spurts of creativity.  She will look at her beads and wire over and over.  Then she will see a way to put together a piece.  In the past week, she has made several beautiful pieces of wearable art.  Here are two of her creations (as thumbnails), the first features a seahorse pendant "under the sea."  The second I called a "Gypsy" necklace due to the pattern on the beads. I had a clasp that would go with the beads.

Seahorse Necklace

Gypsy Necklace

Every time that she produces, I have the honor of adding the clasps and chain to her creations trying to maintain her vision.  In between, I try to do a little creating of my own.  My last pieces have been made with copper.  I had cut some cabochons and was trying to think of some special way of making something with them other that wire wrapping or bezel setting.  I saw a piece that Laura Bracken (in California) had made using resin in a frame of wire wrapping.  Applying that simple idea, I made a copper piece (textured, dapped and patinated) then set the cabochons in the bowl that I had made (30 by 40 mm oval) and filled up part of the bowl with clear resin.  The second piece shown here is a copper and turquoise chip "Tree of Life."  The ring is 12 gauge soft round wire, the solder join is hidden in the base of the tree.  We will be continuing our creation of wearable art.

Emerald on Copper

Copper,Pendabnt,Turquoise,Tree of Life,Artisan
Turquoise and Copper Tree of Life

Monday, November 14, 2011

Amazonite and Sterling silver Pendant

I write large because I have difficulty seeing small print.  Fortunately, my trifocals usually take care of most written materials.  About two years ago, Debbie and I did some fee mining in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  I have a large selection of rough to cut to make faceted and cabochon stones.  Cabochons are my favorite, and the type that I have the most rough.  Taking a piece of amazonite rough from that mining expedition, I cut an oval cabochon.  Originally I made a copper wire frame with white beads to surround the stone.  This did not look good, the beads overpowered the color of the amazonite.

Amazonite and Sterling Silver Pendant Handcrafted by John Atwell Rasmussen

So, I started over tonight and made a frame from Sterling silver wire.  Even with this one, I tried to surround the stone with some white beads.  Again, the beads spoiled the beauty of the cabochon.  Amazonite is  beautiful stone and makes fantastic wearable art.  This pendant has one accent bead near the top of the cabochon.  All wire ends were rounded with a cup bur to help prevent snagging on clothing (or skin).  This piece of unique one of a kind jewelry is available at my Handmade Artists Shop.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fellow Artisan, Theresa Rusk

TRusk4u is an unique artisan from North Carolina.  She uses beads and wire to create many very beautiful pieces of wearable art.

In this piece she has taken artistic wire and plastic beads and with her design and execution converted them to a terrific looking bracelet.  In the next two pictures you will see similar results.  Theresa is an exceptionally talented artist.  She see form and color and combines them well.  The last picture I had to include as I am a die hard "trekkie."  Please visit my friends site and think of her as you make your holiday purchases.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beryl and Beads

Branching out from the traditional this project combines lapidary, wire wrapping and beadwork.  Another artisan suggested to me that I should add some beads to some of my wraps.  This was a novel idea for me.  In this project, an aquamarine cabochon of about 43 carats is wrapped in Sterling silver 20 gauge wire, and then some beads are added to the ends of the wires to accent the coloring of the cabochon.  The process of wrapping was also changed slightly.  Instead of bending three wires up and around the cabochon, I used six wires, three to a side.  These new ideas are making my muse expand.  Enjoy:

Love Metalwork

Y'all will have to excuse at least one part of my aging process.  I type and read large fonts.  Even with my trifocals on, I have a lot of trouble reading small print.  Currently working another of the beryl cabochons I cut two weeks ago (9 total).  This is 45 carats in a tear drop shape, although free form.  Nothing greater than taking that which Nature made and making it prettier.  Here is a copper bracelet that I made this last week from 12 gauge electrical wire.  Three wires were woven together then flattened on the anvil to harden and shape the wires into the thickness I wanted the entire bracelet to be.  The ends were curled back upon them selves and the result is this cuff bracelet:

This and other items are available to my Handmade Artists Shop.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ethical Decision

I have decided to terminate my shop on Artfire.  I consider their inclusion of commercial venues to be unethical.  I have moved all my products to Handmade Artists Shops .  This venue has only handmade artisan shops and one of a kind items.  The shops are not limited to jewelry, and many different genres are present.  Please come over and see the new shop.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November is Here

Actually the end of October for the making of these two necklaces.  The first was a small piece of opal and matrix rough.  As can be seen the opal is the bottom edge and is a gray-blue color.  The gray matrix is obvious in this free form cabochon.  I cut the cabochon two weeks ago, then drilled a 2 mm hole at the apex of the triangular shape and attached the bail.  The chain is a base metal with silver coloring.

If you click on the thumbnail, you can see a large image of the piece.  The next is made from 18 gauge round copper wire.  I bought a 50 foot coil of dead soft wire (www.abeadedaffair.com) then coiled the wire with the assistance of Debbie into 6 mm jump rings.  The entire chain was handcrafted.  The resulting Byzantine pattern necklace is 22 inches long.  As you all know, no one could afford to purchase this necklace if the actual hours used to craft the chain were used to price the necklace.  I took at least 10 hours to put the chain together.

Everyone have a happy Turkey Day later this month.  I have two birthdays to take care of.  Thanks to Maria Jenny for one gift (teal pearl bracelet) and the other is a dark yellow topaz / gold necklace.