Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Designer for Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC

Debora Lee Rasmussen, my wife, has been a driving force for my art and shop since I began at her initiation of my study of gemology.  She is disabled and one of her causes of depression has been the feeling that she is not contributing for our family.  She is very creative and last week started designing and creating beaded wearable art.  I will still be doing the lapidary and metal work for the shop.  She has been very busy and has designed and created several pieces.  Her designs will be available at Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC.  
Here are two examples of necklaces that she has designed and put together during the past several days.  She has a great understanding of texture and color.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In the continuing saga of making jewelry for my wife (she does get first chance at anything done), she chose two stones to be turned into cabochons the then jewelry.  The smaller tourmilated quartz was to be a ring, and the Peruvian blue opal to make a necklace.  After the lapidary work, the opal was drilled to make it a pendant, strung on black leather and add a steel chain and lobster claw clasp and we have a necklace.
Blue Opal Necklace Blue Opal Necklace

The ring of course was a bit more difficult.  In this case, I bought the ring shank and the head from a casting company.  Then I had to size the shank, solder the head in place, pickle the piece, then polish it.  Unlike a lot of artisan jewelers, I do not own a tumbler, so I hand polish all my pieces.  Final polishing is done with Dremel and red rouge.  
Photobucket Tourmilated Quartz Ring

This is so much fun, sometimes I forget that I have other things to do (like sleep). Everyone, have a great summer.