Friday, May 13, 2011

First Attempt at Chain Maille

I decided to try to make a simple chain maille item.  I took 25 feet of bright blue Artistic Wire and wound and cut jump rings from it.  The rings are 21 gauge wire with inside diameter of 5.6 mm.  I decided to hurry so I used wire cutters instead of sawing these jump rings.  Next time I will take the time to saw the jump rings as these all had very ragged meeting points.  Using four rings for each section and alternating at 90 degrees the orientation for each section, I crafted the chain.  Cutting the rings also tended to misshape the rings, so definitely sawing will be done the next time.  From wrapping the wire on my jump ring mandrel (long nail) to completion of the finished piece took about 5 hours (300 minutes).  At my usual pricing, this very inexpensive materials bracelet would be $300.  This used about 12 feet of wire, so if it were gold or silver, I could not afford to even make it.  Any way, here is my first attempt ever:




  1. Cool! I am your first commentator! Too bad about losing your new blog with the Blogger crash! Should be ok now. I've never known that kind of outage ever in the 4.5 years I have been blogging.

  2. When I clicked on my bookmark and arrived at blogger the first after outage, it told me that I had no accounts associated with my email address. Well that means that I had no account. So I created this one. Now to post regularly as I was doing with the previous one.