Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Slight Change in Direction

After the sale at the Easley Farmer's Market, I remembered that several folk said that they would have purchased one of our necklaces, if we had matching earrings.  Later, I discussed this with Debora, and we decided that this would be a wonderful idea. 

So I removed all the necklaces from the online shop.  Then Debora took each necklace and with her trays of beads matched up the necklace with a set of beads that could be used to make earrings for the necklace.  As she did this she put each necklace and the beads (gem chips) into a quart baggie.  
Then I took the stack of baggies (somewhere around 80) into the shop.  I started fashioning earrings for each necklace.  I had ordered headpins and French ear wires from Rio Grande (ordered arrived in two days from when I called them) as part of selling my silver scrap to them.  Of course, about twenty of our stock of necklaces could not be mated with ear rings.

Now I have the task of taking pictures of each set, and then putting them up in our shop (https://handmadeartists.com/shop/rasmussengems).  This process is time consuming, but in the end we will have a complete group of necklace/earring sets available.  To complete this process, every time in the future that Debora designs a bead necklace, she will also do the ear rings at that time.  I will have to extend this idea to my
  lapidary and silver smithing.  When I cut stones or make a pendant, I will have to make matching earrings also.

This little diversion from out previous creative path will, I hope, make out customers happier. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Comings and Goings April 2014

The past week or so have been rather interesting.  Two weekends in a row, we have been to a show.  The first being at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe.  Saturday was raining so Sunday was the new date, many good contacts, sales ok, but not as good as before at that venue.  This Saturday, the Easley Farmer's Market was the place to be.  Lots of traffic, and many sales.  We don't have a large, showy setup, but I really enjoy talking to the people.
This was the opening market for this year.  The first Saturday of each month is given to art and crafts.  I signed up for the rest of the year. 

Looked at a couple stones for a valued customer.  These are beautiful natural spinels.  The red in this gemstone is fantastic.
Lastly, it was my Daughter in Law's birthday this past Friday.  They have three sons; so I designed a necklace for her to honor her sons.  The metal is Sterling silver, the stones: Emerald, Garnet and Sapphire.  All in all a great week.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adopting a style

I have decided to make my pendants in a specific style using serrated fine silver bezel wire and then depending on the quality/species of the cabochon stone to use Sterling silver, brass or copper to mount the bezel on.  

I read an article in Art Jewelry magazine about decorating the base (obverse) side of the bezel mount.  So I have tried a couple of the pendants to have a pattern instead of just a hole for removing the stone while fitting it to the bezel.  

Here are a couple of these pendants:

Agate Cabochon on Patinated Copper backing

Heat treated agate on Sterling silver back.

 These are just a couple samples of the work going on in the shop.  Making custom items for my customers is a great thrill.  I prefer to have a commission to generating pieces for the shop.  

We have also decided to include a 20 inch Sterling silver box chain with all pendants that are made with Sterling silver.  Also a 20 inch leather cord will be included with all pendants that are made with mixed metals or brass or copper.  

Items not made for specific customers can be found at the Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry shop.

Spring has sprung, daffodils are blooming, Bradford pears are blooming, my iris are sprouting and I need to mow the yard.  What a great year.  Yesterday would have been my father's 94th birthday, Dad, I think of you every day.

See all in a while with my next posting.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Blog Ring Week 4his

A fantastic week for Handmade Artists blog ring, two wonderful ladies are featured this week.  Kimberly of Makin the Best of It uses
Sterling Silver Leaves
sea glass that she finds on the Jersey beach near her home.  These beautiful pieces of glass that have been rounded and textured by nature in the waves and sand are framed in Sterling silver making one of a kind pieces.  Kimberly also serves as a promoter in several web sites of all handmade artists.  She and her husband are also the administrators of our forum and shops. 
Amber Treasure
ks to Kimberly (and Andrew) for all that you do for us.
  These pieces show just a small part of her ability.  I especially am enamored by the Leaves.

Next on the list this week is April from Brooklyn Bead Goddess.   April is an artist after my own heart, she makes her own lampwork beads to put in her jewelry pieces.  I have seen an artist making lampwork beads, and the degree of
difficulty in that process is such that I would never be able to do it.  Wearing special goggles is necessary as the artist is continually working in the center of a very hot flame.  This process is so beautiful to watch, but the end product is even more so.  I have a "blue phrog" bead that I use as a decorative piece on my shop bench.  Here are a couple pieces that April has produced from
her beads.

When you visit these two shops, please look at all the artists and craftspeople who have shops at Handmade Artists.  These folk are very creative, and make fantastic items in a wide variety of genres.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

HAF Blog Ring Week Three

This week we feature two artists that are new to me.  At first, I was wondering how to present one, Ananasa.  I finally comprehended that Ananasa was a similar site to HAF, many different artists list their works, but as with our HAF, all are handmade.  Based in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), this shop has very beautiful and unique offerings.  As a jeweler, I will feature that genre.  Enjoy.

The silver bracelets show fantastic metal work with a fantastic design.  The ring is made with gold plated brass and the shank is adjustable to fit a variety of sizes.

The second shop is one of our own, Highland Princess Designs.  Describing herself as a "nerd" caught my attention, as I am a semi-typical nerd of my generation (I still have and use a slide rule).  She makes very beautiful Celtic chain and maille pieces.  She got her start in this art while at a fair and saw a belly dance.  Anyway, here are a couple pieces from her shop.  The bracelet on the right captured by eye immediately when I visited her shop.  Both illustrate quality.

As with all artists in the Handmade Artists Forum, the work is exquisite.  Please visit these and all of our wonderful artists in the Shops at Handmade Artists.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

HAF Blog Ring Week 2

We enter the second week of our holiday blog ring for Handmade Artists.  First on my list this week is ThinkEco2, a shop from the ETSY venue.  Brian Behncke and Jules Lavallee produce wine racks and other wood products employing multiple craftsmen to make the products.
While a majority of the products offered in their shop are wine racks, I was particularly attracted to this herb garden.  It shows many possibilities for use in apartments or in an urban location.  This shop being located in California makes good use of recycling woods.

Second on the list this week is Deeliteful Jewelry. Dyanne Everett-Cantrell is located in Arkansas and produces unique jewelry.  As an example of this, I chose a pair of wire wrapped dangle earrings.  This piece shows a beautiful and unique style of wrapping wire around a focal piece of glass. 

Just in time for the holidays, these shops show the versatility of the Handmade Artists Forum.  They sell their products on another venue outside Handmade Artists Shops.  While HA has its own venue, we as a group support all artists, who create their own pieces.  Visit these shops for beautiful and unique gifts.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Reef Botanicals and Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry

The holiday blog ring has started for Handmade Made Artists Forum.  This week, Larissa and Eric who are Reef Botanicals and I are the featured shops.  So I have lucked out, I only have to write about one shop.

  Reef Botanicals -- We are a husband and wife team, Eric and Larissa, who discovered our mutual love for making things from scratch. Between us, we cook, bake, brew, craft, paint, photograph... and that doesn't take into account our other hobbies! We've got one dog, three cats, and four fish. Reef Botanicals was named after our 4th cat, Reef, a feisty, loyal sweetheart who is remembered fondly. 

This description is copied from their profile at their shop.  From personal interaction, I know that Larissa is well educated and has multiple abilities.  I have chosen three items from their shop to show here, but you absolutely need to visit the shop to see all that is available.